Revision History

42901: Oct 16, 2020

  • Fixed disappearing scrollbar and window refresh problems.

42871: Oct 14, 2020

  • Added a new, simple binaural beat creation mechanism.
  • Added ability to change almost all the user interface colors.
  • Greatly simplified the latency adjustment process via a dedicated window.
  • Added linear curves to the Pitch Bend, Channel Aftertouch, and Controller views.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes.

22851: Oct 12, 2018

  • Changed MEdit’s numbering scheme.
  • Added ability to drag-select objects in all views, including the ability to drag off the sides of the screens and continue to select objects.
  • Added ability to drag objects off side of screens to pan when moving objects.
  • Various bug fixes.

5.00: Dec. 9, ’14

4.04: Jan. 29, ’14

  • Fixed Piano View note labeling and tooltip issues.
  • Corrected Frequency Finder logic per previous PV fix.

4.03: Jan. 18, ’14

  • Correct channel numbers on form to 1-16 instead of 0-15.
  • Made MS Synth default at program launch instead of port 0.
  • Fixed redrawing issue when composition was closed and next window became visible.
  • Fixed track numbering problem.
  • Fixed ‘Save As’ issue.
  • Improved SMTP offset handling issue.
  • Made DLS drum kit instruments work correctly.
  • Added tooltip to show the changing height of many messages.
  • Made Record Track Map 1 based instead of 0 based.
  • Eliminated file association routine because it no longer works correctly in Windows 7. Will look into this more later.
  • Modified ‘Adjust Performance Key’ to allow drum channels to not be changed.
  • Corrected Import Track Map logic.
  • Improved toolbar UI.
  • Fixed Frequency Finder window modality issue.

4.02: Dec. 29, ’13

  • Made opened files default to Microsoft Synthesizer until changed by user.
  • Revised Patch List processing to use General MIDI names unless specified in Patch Map file. (In other words, annoying prompt eliminated!)
  • Fixed toolbar button issue introduced in 4.00.
  • Improved Piano View resizing drawing.
  • Changed Patch List file name processing and directories for easier overall usage.

4.01: Dec. 20, ’13

  • Various bugfixes for rearranging views when playing the composition.
  • Added routine to transpose the entire composition.
  • Added routine to scale all the tempo values.
  • Most views now have ability to add events by double-clicking.

4.00: Dec. 5, ’12

  • Completely revamped User Interface code to standard Windows MDI interface and redid menu system.

3.04: Mar. 29, ’06

  • Improved file opening process.

3.03: Jan. 25, ’06

  • Improved XP Theme support.

3.02: Jan. 19, ’06

  • Added XP Theme support.
  • Added a little to the help files.

3.01: Jan. 11, ’06

  • Fixed oversight reading device latencies upon creating or opening file.
  • Added Alt-underscores to menus.
  • Added ‘Ctrl+O’, ‘Ctrl+N’, and ‘Ctrl+S’ shortcuts.

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