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MEdit is a simple yet powerful ground level MIDI editor that allows you to create, edit, and play .mid files.  Using MEdit, you can easily modify any aspect of the MIDI events in a composition, such as notes, pitch bends, and controller values.

MEdit features:

  • Unlimited tracks – Actually, like all other MIDI sequencers claiming this, a MEdit composition is limited by the processing power of your computer, but it can easily handle hundreds of tracks, and can theoretically utilize billions of them—much more than most people can conceptualize.
  • Simple multi-device latency solution – Latency is settable on a device-by-device basis in MEdit, allowing you to ‘set-it-and-forget-it’, and never again deal with latency issues when simultaneously using multiple devices.
  • Powerful recording abilities – MEdit allows you to record from MIDI keyboards and re-map that input to any playable device, to take advantage of all the sounds available to you.  You can even record from multiple keyboards on different devices simultaneously, and all the MIDI events will automatically be adjusted for differing device latencies, so they sound at the correct time when played back.
  • Ability to create and use your own instrument name files – Create description files to remember the names of the instruments on each device.  If you change the names of the instruments on the device, you can simply create a new file.  If you then reconfigure the device to the old configuration, just remap MEdit to use the old file.  This comes in handy when you have a device that supports extra configurations through different cards.
  • Usage of the GM instrument set – MEdit can take advantage of the Roland GM instrument set on internal software synthesizers that support the GM instrument set.
  • Ease of use – MEdit features a powerful and easy-to-use copy/paste mechanism, full undo/redo capabilities, context-sensitive help, an intuitive, uncluttered interface, and more.

MEdit requires Microsoft’s DirectX version 9.0 or greater.  DirectX 9 ships with Windows XP and above.  If you are unable to tell whether you have DirectX 9.0 or greater installed, you may simply try running MEdit after downloading (MEdit will give an error message if DirectX isn’t available), or you may click on Window’s ‘Start’ button, select ‘Run’, and type ‘dxdiag’.  If a DirectX information window doesn’t come up, you probably need to download and install DirectX on your system. If the version shown in DXDiag is not 9.0 or greater, you will need to install DirectX.

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