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The current version of MEdit is 12831. If the ‘Help -> About’ screen shows a lesser value, click here to download the latest edition.

MEdit’s features are outlined in the following video.

Sections you might be interested in jumping to are:

Binaural beats overview: 0:30

Help system: 1:15

Basics: 1:35

Note frequencies: 2:28

Basics: 1:35

Basic editing: 7:35

Downloadable sounds: 13:58

Drum kits: 21:25

MS Synth & downloadable sounds: 22:20

Synchronizing devices: 25:12

Recording from keyboards: 32:58

Repeats: 35:48

Time signatures: 37:15

Repeats – Non-measure: 37:50

Other tools : 39:13

END: 40:32

Downloading and purchasing MEdit may be done on its main page.

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