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My book, Laughing at the Devil: One Man’s Religious Discoveries, is the first writing I’m aware of to break through the veil of history and clearly show the astronomy at the heart of our ancestors’ religiously-scientific investigations three thousand years ago.

The simplest introduction to the finds within it is a YouTube video located on Laughing at the Devil’s ‘More Info’ page. That is followed by a quick general overview of the greater historical picture.

Religion, Science, Understanding, and Tolerance is a little slower paced, four-part blog entry which touches upon some of the same events, as well as a few scholarly items that support my discoveries. The posts are short – about 900 words apiece – and don’t take long to read. A link to the following entry is located at the end of each.

In addition, a couple other astronomic writings can be found by using this site’s ‘search’ feature.

Of course, to go all the way to the bottom of the puzzle I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Laughing at the Devil for yourself!